Central Park Tours Highlights

Central Park Tour Highlights

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Welcome to the Obelisk known as Cleopatra's Needle,
there are many reasons to like Central Park, sight like the Obelisk, let's flight on time and see the origins of rich past civilizations, this unique 244 tons, monolithic, red granite stone its 3,700 year-old, 71-foot high, the oldest man made artifact in Central Park.
The Obelisk by Central Park Tours
This beautiful monolithic monument commemorating King Thutmose III, was a gift from the Egyptian government. It was originally erected about 1443 B.C. in Heliopolis, now part of modern Cairo.
The obelisk - by central park Pedciab rickshaws

The Obelisk by Central Park Pedicab Rickshaws

Brought from Alexandria, finance by William H. Vanderbilt and Family, and turned upright in January 22, 1881 in Central Park.
See and Discover this unique art of work created to be timeless and  intended to last for eternity. Discover this privilege portion of universal history visiting Central Park Tours by Pedicabs.

Recommended to visit at anytime, but it's just outstanding at spring in the middle of colorful cherries and magnolias trees.

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The Obelisk by Central Park Pedicab Rickshaw Tours
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