Central Park Rickshaw Tours FAQ's

Rickshaws Tours - FAQ's

What is a Pedicab and What is like to ride in a Pedicab?
Pedicabs are environmentally friendly tricycles powered by the driver's legs.
Pedi-cab =Pedal-cab
Riding a Pedicab in Central Park is the most unique and memorable sightseeing experience things to do in NYC.

Do I need to make a reservation for the tour?
Reservation Required.
We really suggest to do everything online, because it's quick, easy, and secure.
Besides that, you will also save time and money, we are a NYC Pedicab Co. specialized in Central Park Tours.
your satisfaction is our goal!
* Advance purchase its available and highly recommended as the cost to book in advance is 50% less than the walk-in prices. Advance tickets can be purchased online or over the phone using a Visa, MasterCard or American Express

Do we have to bring a printed or some form of proof that we paid for the Tour?
There is no need to print anything. Once you complete the online book process.
We will have the information in the system. Just bring your ticket code and you will be all set!

How many people can travel in a single Pedicab?
A single Pedicab in NYC has a limit to carry a maximum of three (3) passengers.

How much weight can carry a single Pedicab or Rickshaw in NYC?
Each Pedicab can carry a Maximum weight of 500lbs

We are 6 adults how many pedicabs do we need?
There will be available 2-3 pedicabs for your party, the guide will accomadate the group.

Until what age do you consider 'kids' for a Pedicab Tour?
Good question, we consider kids Bet. 5 to 12 years of age, therefore if your kids are older than 12 years, the payment will be as the adults rate or pricing.

How long are the Tours and where it goes?
The 1hr Pedicab Rickshaw tour covers the southern part of Central Park from 59th St to 72nd St, having 2 to 3 short stops in the main features of Central Park, the stops are just for short walks, stretching, and having your pictures taken, you will be on the pedicab most of the time for a comfort.

The 2hrs Pedicab / Rickshaw tour covers Central Park from 59th St to 90th st, south end and mid park loop, the tour is well designed to capture all the features of Central Park, having several stops along the way, all stops are optional but others are suggested.

The 3hrs Pedicab Rickshaw tour cover the entire park it goes from Central Park South 59th St to 110th Street. This tour its our ultimate experience of touring to capture all main features of Central Park, your stops may include:
The Bethesda Terrace and Fountain, Alice in Wonderland and Hans Christian Andersen, The Dairy, John Lennon's Strawberry Field - IMAGINE mosaic, The Dakota Building, Cherry Hill Plaza and Cherry Hill Fountain (Friends Fountain), The Lake, The Bow Bridge, The Belvedere Castle, Shakespeare Gardens, The Jacqueline Kennedy Reservoir, The Conservatory Gardens (Italian, English, and French), The Harlem Meer, The North Woods, The Loch, Waterfalls, and much more. All Central Park Pedicab Tours stops are optional, some of them suggested, but in the end you will choose!

Can I Customize my tour, lets say for example, I'd like to finish my tour at The Tavern On the Green?
Totally, We'll customize the tour and finish at the place of your choice

Can I Customize my tour, lets say for example, I'd like to finished my tour in either these two museums Metropolitan Museum of Art y/o Museum of Natural History?
Yes, we still show you the park and finishing the tour at the Museum of your choice.

Are Pedicab available for Pick-ups? We want to take a pedicab from our hotel, how much does it cost a pick up?
Yes, we do have free! pick ups available within a 5 blocks range of our starting point (58th St at 5 Ave) Please give that instruction at the time of your booking.
For any pick ups farther than 5 blocks up to 15 blocks the cost is $ 25 per pedicab. Please give instructions at the time of your booking, email us or call us. Thanks.

I'd like to know how about the pedicab rates on the streets of New York City?
We are glad that you ask about the Pedicab Rates on the streets, Pedicab on the streets charge on a MINUTE basis, the price per minute goes from $5 to $7 or even more. Be aware that the pedicab drivers are free to set their own prices which is legal, but they need to disclose their prices upfront to their customers, is requiere by Law.

Also, be aware that you can be also charge by minute at Central Park; please ask the total price before hailing a pedicab or seating on one.
It's highly recommended to Reserve your Tour Online!

Can We have a Pedicab Tour early morning like 7 AM or 8 AM?
Yes, we do early tours on demand, our earliest tour start at 7 AM with an advanced reservation only, please contact us to reserve, notify or for more info. by e-mail at 212bike@gmail.com or call us at + 1 (917) 405-1303  Thanks.

What happens if it rains or snows?
Pedicab/Rickshaw tours do go out in all types of weather and in fact you can get some great photos in inclement weather, specially if snows. In the event of severe or unsafe weather conditions, the Pedicab tour will be canceled for safety reasons and you will be allowed to reschedule to another day and time or full refund will be issued.

Do you provide blankets in a cold or chilly weather?
Yes, we have blankets available in each pedicab or rickshaw

What are the best places to stop for families with children?

We highly recommend to stop at Alice in wonderland, The Lake, The Ugly Duckling- Hans Christian Andersen, The Boat pond, Delacorte Music Clock, The Belvedere Castle, The Bethesda Fountain, the statue of Balto - the hero sled dog, and for the youngest the central park Carousel and the Central Park Children Zoo.

Can I have a Pedicab Tour anywhere in NYC?
Yes, anywhere in Manhattan.
we can always customize our tours according to your needs. For Times Square, Rockefeller Center, 5th Ave, Broadway District Pedicab Tours, please visit us at NYC Pedicab Tours

Customized tour plan makes your trip much more relaxing, call or e-mail us, so the tour guide can work in the best itinerary for your journey.
Just keep in mind that we work on an hourly basis. Lets experience and explore by Pedicab Tours in Approx 3hrs, The East Village, Greenwich village, Soho, Little Italy, and Chinatown. And reach Wall St 'The Financial District' in a total of 4hrs in a round trip guided Pedicab Rickshaw Tours.

Can I have a Pedicab Rickshaw Services in a Sabbath, Jewish Holidays, and Festivals?
Yes, we provide Kosher Eco-transport, Eco-rides, and special arrangements in all Jewish holidays, perform by our Shabbos goy or Shabbes goy a Non Jew Pedicab Rickshaw driver.
"Judaism prohibits Jewish from certain type of work, know as Melakha, on the Sabbath."
Its why we have a 'Shabbos goy' in Ref. a non Jew Pedicab worker.

Do I have Discount for a big Family or Large Group?
Yes, we have discount for big families or big group more than 8 people.

Do you have Spanish speaker guides? Hablam Español?
Yes, we speak Spanish and we have a team that speak other languages too like Italian and French

Can the driver take me my picture?
Sure, we have a paparazzi photographer experience, You'll like it.

Are the Tips or Gratuities are included in the Price?
No, any tips will be greatly appreciated for a good job, Thanks.